• A new day dawns in business development

  • Supporting your ideas from concept to completion

  • Providing the financial resources to thrive

Using a combination of incubation, mentoring, and capital financing, the Medro Group of companies helps take companies from idea to thrive


Each group within Medro International prides itself on market leadership within its unique business specialization while maintaining a long-standing reputation for ethical business practices. The combination of experience, knowledge and strategic planning creates a dynamic environment within each company that produces exceptional value for each client.

Medro International is the product of insightful observation and burning desire to be the best. We pride ourselves on consistently evolving as market demands change. We strive to continue to be the forerunner in incubation, capitalization and analysis of seed, expansion and late stage companies and projects in technology, renewable energy, construction and finance. Our ongoing quest to lead the industry in providing full spectrum innovative solutions drives us to constantly and keenly observe and monitor market trends, which in turn enables us to provide the highest quality advice to our clients.

We build our teams with veterans who have backgrounds in all aspects of the verticals we focus on and align our entrepreneurial partners with our vast network of industry leaders. Our team is built on qualities of integrity, respect, and the determination to be the best in our industry specializations. We instill an environment of teamwork and "over-communication", both internally and in our external business relations. As our many clients attest, our assistance does not end at a transaction's financial closing, but continues into any facet a client may require in the future. At Medro, our principles are of the utmost importance and we consider them to be the foundation of our success.

  • Medro Startup Alliance (MSA) is an incubator that takes qualifying business and technology ideas and aligns them with focused mentorship and access to a global network of resources. It was established to transform the incubator model through parallel entrepreneurship, creating the most beneficial outcome for our entrepreneurs, alumni, and mentors via aligned priorities. The MSA model reduces time to market, and maximizes potential and enables everyone to thrive!

  • Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas. Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.


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